Food Related Coaching

Who is my coaching for?

Coaching with me means letting go of everything you’ve learned about the perfect diet or ‘weight control’. I think we can agree that dieting regimens and endless cleanses do not bring deep, inner satisfaction. Sure, they may help you reach a desired weight, but I’d guess the sacrifices and willpower are taking a deep toll.

I blend mindfulness, nutritional science and psychology to explore the beliefs, habits and fears that may be keeping you stuck in a cycle of diet mentality, fearing food and disliking the skin you’re in. I help clients transcend limiting thinking around food and body image to cultivate a new-found respect for body, appetite and movement that isn’t about exercising for weight loss.

Who is my coaching right for?

→ People who seek the freedom to eat the food they desire without guilt
→ People who know they’re smarter than the diet industry!
→ People sick of yo-yo binging then starving
→ People ashamed of their body and constantly trying to achieve a different body shape
→ People who want to show up for themselves and their children without diet ‘baggage’
→ People ready to stop punishing themselves through excessive exercise regimens
→ People ready to let go of obsessive weighing, tracking or measuring of calories eaten or burned

Intro Session (30 mins complementary)

Our first intake will help me get a picture of who you are as an eater, how you eat over a typical month, what symptoms or challenges you have and your personal goals for our work together.

We’ll uncover deficiencies, stressors on the body and what foods, stimulants or lifestyle elements might be showing up as unwanted symptoms and compromising your sense of health and vitality.

We’ll then take a deeper dive into your beliefs and habits around food, to see how some of these could use a loving, supportive upgrade.

Awakening Body Love - 4 week intensive

A four week private coaching course (online or in-person in Barcelona) to mindfully dismantle dietary beliefs and offer you a practical toolkit to cultivate a healthy relationship to your own appetite and body image.

Together, we’ll learn how respond to appetite without diets, calorie counting or ‘rules’. We’ll look at where your thinking around food and body image can be upgraded or rewired. We’ll challenge the subtle nuances of diet culture and your own historical conditioning to see how it’s influenced your journey with, and beliefs about, food.

Then, we’ll start to flip the script.

Each 1 hour session will include easy-yet-powerful mindfulness techniques, mirror work exercises, meditations and post-session tasks to actively help you shed the unwanted habits and thinking that keep you locked in a battle with food and body. During this course, you will learn how to cultivate new narratives around food and become a better listener – and friend – to your body’s needs moment-by-moment.

This one month intensive includes:

4 x 1 hour weekly coaching calls with me

Weekly course material and journalling exercises to download and keep

→ Mind + Plate body wisdom transcendental meditation mp3 (download upon purchase)

→ 1 private guided full body healing meditation with me (via Skype or in person)

→ Access to the Mind + Plate Facebook group plus ongoing community support

→ Exclusive access to accompanying psychology of eating videos and webinars

Price: €600 + VAT

Heal Your Relationship with Food Programme - 12 weeks

Taking you deeper into the old subconscious conditioning that’s led to your current eating and body image challenges, we’ll embark on three structured months of psychological protocols that combine hands-on mindfulness practices, guided meditations, nutritional psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming to completely reboot your inner software around food and body image.

We’ll actively challenge, then dismantle your ‘eating narrative’ to make way for more useful thinking and behaviours. We’ll practice – lots! - together in activity-based workshops that embed our neural learnings with your own eating rhythms and lifestyle.

We’ll learn to respond to appetite without calorie counting or ‘rules’. Our coaching together will help you finally let go of old dieting software, so you can begin to enjoy a new-found respect for your body, and experience life – and food – without diet mentality.

This 3-month commitment is about making lasting changes. Here’s what’s included:

→ 12 x 1 hour weekly coaching calls and one-on-one workshops (in-person or online) incorporating NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA ‘tapping’) and nutritional science

→ Downloadable workbook of exercises, mind-body mantras and practical journalling to keep

→ 3 x Mind + Plate body love transformative meditation mp3s

→ 1 private guided transcendental body meditation with me (via Skype or in person)

→ Access to the Mind + Plate Facebook group, plus ongoing community support

→ Mind + Plate member’s only psychology videos and webinars