Since you're reading this, I'm guessing we share something in common: we know what it's like to obsess about food. Maybe you've binged on it, hid it, restricted it and let it take over your brain space. I know I have.

Ready when you are ❤️

Ready when you are ❤️

My journey with dieting began at 18, triggered by a turbulent set of personal circumstances and a deep belief that I was not enough. Dabbling with zero fat foods and endless bowls of steamed vegetables quickly led to weight loss and attention, which translated as “I’m worthy”. 

The path back had its fair share of potholes. And as anyone who’s overcome an eating disorder will know, it’s often not linear. I now regard my own ‘road back’ as one of the most valuable experiences, because it forced me to let go of who I thought I was and become who I am. In so doing, I found my ‘true north’ as a certified transformational eating coach and more recently, reiki practitioner.

I believe we’re long overdue a new societal and personal script, one that advocates health-at-every-size, calls bullshit on the slim = healthy myth, dissolves fat phobia and champions body diversity and body neutrality above all else. Working with me, you will rewrite that script – and discover a liberating new approach to food and body.

Your road to freedom starts here.